Again...I thank you for stopping by.
Let me make this about as simple as I can.
The name of my Rob's Pizza.
My NAME is attached to this business.
This is something that I do NOT take lightly !
This is my neighborhood.

This is where I live.
YOU...are my friends and neighbors. can be CERTAIN that I will do EVERYTHING I CAN 
in order to bring you the BEST tasting...FRESH food...all at VERY affordable prices !
And...I must be doing SOMETHING right !
 Over the years, I have been humbled by my loyal customers, 
and my new ones, with YOUR votes of CONFIDENCE as I have won the 
votes from readers of various publications which have given me the HONOR
of being recognized as this area's BEST Pizza and Hoagies !
Folks...I have been doing this...and ONLY this...for 27 years now !
For almost 3 DECADES, I have arrived early, made the sauce and dough from scratch, 
have cut up FRESH...NEVER FROZEN meats and vegetables, 
and have prepared the food that YOU want !

You want it to be CONSISTENT...EVERY TIME ! want it AFFORDABLE !
Whether it's Pizza or Hoagies or anything I offer...THAT is what you will get...

EVERY TIME...NO EXCEPTIONS ! name is on that sign.
YOU...are the reason I remain after nearly 3 decades !
If you've never tried Rob's Pizza, EXPERIENCE the difference !
Call in your order, or come on down and order it and
 we'll chat while your order is cooking !
I'm a good ol' boy who loves to talk about ANYTHING !
I have lot's of interesting "THINGS" adorning the walls and shelves
of the restaurant that make for interesting conversation !


It doesn't matter whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent...
let me know what's on your mind regarding this GREAT country of ours !
We'll share beliefs...stories and opinions.
And even if we don't agree, we WILL agree that what you take home to your family, 
will be FRESH and VERY...VERY TASTY !
Bring the family down for a GREAT meal.
You can dine in. LOT'S of comfortable booths to choose from.
We don't deliver, so we would LOVE to see you down here !
We have SPECIALTY PIZZA's that you and your family and friends will LOVE

Plain and simple ?
Just give us a shot.
If you are accustomed to ordering from the chains, 
and not experiencing QUALITY and CONSISTENCY...
that can change, simply by stopping in and placing your next order with us !
Remember...I have been doing this for nearly 30 years !
And with that said...I must recognize my amazing parents, 
Gil and Betty, and also my brother Lynn, along with some great friends, 
who, without, 27 years ago, there would be no Rob's Pizza !
If a customer wants something special, such as extra thin or thick crust, 
I am MORE than happy to make it happen

My shop is an eclectic mix of sports memorabilia, music and political "stuff", some of my favorite hobbies. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, as is evident by the "Wall of Shame" I have at the restaurant which showcases political cartoons and commentary.

This is not you're average chain pizza shop, that's for sure! 
And I m VERY proud of what I have, and the reputation I have EARNED !

One of the parts of the shop that I am most proud of and is close to my heart is the area set aside for the Make A Wish book drive. Years ago, my Mom had the idea of bringing in some books that people could donate money for, with the proceeds going to her favorite charity, Make A Wish. People loved the idea, bringing in their own books to add to the collection. My sister- in- law Alison has contributed greatly, giving many "like-new" hardcover and paperback books for the collection. Having lost my Mother just last year, I want to continue the Make A Wish Book Drive in her memory.
Wanna talk about YOUR Mom and how great she was or is ? Wannna talk Politics or Rock and Roll ? Wanna talk Pizza 
Stop on in and order lunch or dinner.
 I'm located back in the corner of the Murrysville Shopping door to Infinity Comics and Radio Shack, on the other end of the plaza from Sure Save Grocery Store. 
I look forward to meeting you...and I look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !